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Cyber security risks in the medtech industry: how can they be controlled?


This week’s blog appeared as an article in Deloitte Insights in the CIO Journal from The Wall Street Journal last month and is written by our colleagues in the US: Veronica Lim, Principle; Russell Jones, partner; and Nick Sikorski, senior consultant. The article, linked to a Dbrief Webcast in May 2017 titled Medical devices and the Internet of Things: A three-layer defence against cyber threats, discusses the cyber security issues affecting new and legacy medical devices and the strategies companies can use to mitigate the risks associated with them.


Security Risk

Over the past 50 years, connected medical devices have evolved significantly mainly due to technological innovations. For example, the earliest insulin pump was essentially a backpack insulin delivery system with no connectivity, no local data storage, and limited mobility. Fast forward to present day, and insulin pumps are typically connected systems that allow for automated blood glucose motioning and insulin administration, and remote monitoring and interaction with physicians. Many have internet connectivity, local data storage and cloud usage, and, through smartphone apps, high mobility.

There is a growing generation of medical equipment that communicates via a private network, public internet or point-to-point connection (wired or wireless). They are some of the newest and most distributed endpoints in what we might call the Internet of Medicine—and they can make patients’ lives easier, improve health outcomes and save lives.

The growth of connected medical devices may also render them susceptible to cybersecurity attacks, as evidenced by the number and severity of cyber incidents reported over the past year that has wreaked havoc on many health care systems across the globe.

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In the first of a series of three articles, we get global leaders, McKinsey & Company's insight on the medtech market right now. They give their expert advice to medical device companies, explaining how they can navigate through digital disruption.


Image pulled from original article.

This article first appeared on Deloitte and was written by Veronica Lim, Russell Jones and Nick Sikorski. You can read the full article here.

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