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Fat can affect your self-image and your self-esteem, especially if it’s congealed in areas that are hard to conceal. Facial and chin fat are among the most unsightly types of fat deposits in the body. 

Unfortunately, even if you do rigorous cardio routines and regularly exercise, you may not lose these facial fats as quickly as you’d like. This is because you cannot target fat loss efforts, which means that any exercising and lifting you do can have as much chance of slimming your waist as you do with getting rid of your double chin. 

What other options can you consider if you want a slimmer, smoother facial profile?

You may want to think about double chin surgery to get rid of facial fat deposits. But is surgery for your double chin worth the effort? How much does double chin surgery cost? 

Learn the answers to all these questions and more today. 

Why Get Double Chin Surgery?

Photo Of Doctors doing a surgery
The cost of double chin surgery can be worth it for the psychological benefits

You may be wondering why people would ever consider surgery for double chin removal. After all, a healthy diet and some well-chosen exercise routines can help slim down your entire body at minimal cost. 

Why would you risk the complications of facial liposuction?

This type of surgery is almost always a cosmetic choice with little to no real medical benefits, at least not physiologically. Getting surgery to change your body can be helpful in coming to terms with your body image. 

For example, a recent study discovered that women who get cosmetic surgery such as liposuction showed significant improvement about their body satisfaction. They also enjoyed decreased ricks of developing disorders related to eating like anorexia and bulimia. Getting double chin surgery can then be extremely beneficial. 

What are the Types of Double Chin Surgery?

Man in White Polo Shirt Wearing Eyeglasses
What type of double chin surgery you get depends on different factors

The term “double chin surgery” doesn’t just refer to a single type of operation. It refers to several types of cosmetic surgeries. If you’re wondering the best way for how to get rid of double chins with surgery, you’re going to have to be more specific. 

Double chin surgery come in three main types, and they have different levels of sophistication and recovery times. The type of surgery your doctor recommends can vary due to your age, physiology and other factors. 

Each type of surgery can also have different complications due to their varying procedures. 

Chin Liposuction

This type of surgery for double chins is recommended for people who have more supple and elastic skin. Older adults have less skin elasticity and thus aren’t ideal candidates for this type of surgery. This means that if you’re between 20 to 40 years old, your doctor will likely recommend chin liposuction. 

During this procedure, a doctor will make an incision around your chin and use saline solution to irrigate the gap. A small vacuum will then be used to suck out excess fat deposits, slimming your lower face. 

Lower Rhytidectomy

Not all double chins are the result of excess facial weight but rather the loss of skin elasticity. As you age, your facial skin might start slipping and forming folds. Older adults may want to have this type of double chin surgery to remove said folds and excess skin. This cosmetic surgery is also known as a neck lift. 

During this procedure, a surgeon will make incisions into your neck. They may be able to cut away your excess skin and tighten the skin around your neck.


This procedure is a combination of both chin liposuction and a neck lift. If you have been overweight for years and seek to slim your chin with facial liposuction, the skin around the area may have stretched out. This means that a simple liposuction will just leave you with neck folds instead of chins. 

Since this surgery not only sucks out the fat but also tightens skin and muscle around your chin, it’s one of the most comprehensive types of double chin surgery out there.

How Quickly Can You Recover?

The recovery and convalescence period after a successful surgery for removing double chins depends on your age, health conditions and the type of surgery you had. A simple liposuction around your chin can be fully healed within a week, depending on your constitution. 

On the other hand, if you had extensive submentoplasty and required multiple incisions around your face to tighten the skin, you may take as long as two weeks before you can resume your normal life. Always listen to your physician and follow their advice on how to hasten your recovery, such as abstaining from strenuous physical activity.

What are the Complications of Double Chin Removal Surgery?

Two Person Doing Surgery Inside Room
Like all surgery, double chin removal can have complications

As with all types of cosmetic surgery, any surgery for removing double chins carries some intrinsic risks. For starters, you may develop an allergic reaction to the anesthetics and other drugs used in the procedure, although this is very rare.

After the surgery, side effects of double chin surgery can include swelling of the afflicted area, slight to heavy bruising and even some pigmentation change in the skin. You may also lose some sensitivity on your face. 

If the procedure caused a dramatic loss of weight in your face, it could also cause some facial asymmetry. Finally, infection is always a concern whenever you have any surgery. Ensure you have access to great antibiotics and topical creams to prevent such an outcome.

What is the Cost of Double Chin Surgery?

The price of a double chin surgery varies from healthcare provider to healthcare provider. Each type of surgery also has different price ranges. Generally speaking, the more invasive a procedure, the more expensive it’s going to get. Therefore, a simple liposuction might cost less than a submentoplasty simply because it doesn’t require as many resources or specialists to accomplish.

You can expect a double chin removal surgery to cost about $1,200, which seems pricey but still within the affordable range to a whopping $12,000. Think carefully before committing to getting surgery for your double chin. 

Are There Non-Surgical Options to Remove Double Chin Surgery?

Person Foot on Bench
Jogging can be a great and non-invasive method for losing chin fat

If you don’t want to pay for the expenses associated with chin liposuction and other types of double chin surgery, you could think about employing non-surgical options for slimming your face. 

Below are just a few ways you can reliably reduce your chin fat without needing an invasive procedure.


This refers to a method of using technology to freeze fat cells within your body. The doctor will use a device to reduce the temperature of the fat cells in a targeted area to below freezing. This will rupture the fat cells and make them easier for your body to flush out. This requires absolutely no surgery, but you may need a day to recover from the procedure.

Daily Exercise

Even though exercising isn’t guaranteed to reduce fat deposits around your chin quickly, it eventually will. If you maintain a daily exercise routine, the effort will slowly reduce fat around your whole body. This means that after a few weeks to a few months, your chin will slim down without any surgical assistance. However, you will need to combine any exercise with a sensible diet if you want to make this weight loss permanent. 

Double chin surgery may be only a cosmetic procedure, but it has helped people around the world reconcile with their body image. If you are unhappy with the way your face looks, talk to a physician and get all the information you can about these types of surgery to make a more informed decision. 

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