Why You Should Take a CPR Refresher Course

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CPR is a life-saving technique, and as the attached video says, it only takes a few hours of your life to be able to save a life. Many of us have taken a CPR class in the past, but CPR, like first aid, is something we should occasionally review. That means, like so many of life’s truths, if we don’t use it we lose it. Well, in this case, at the very least, we won’t be as sharp and familiar with what we need to do when we need to do it, if we don’t take a CPR refresher course and first aid class every now and again.

The techniques of CPR have changed considerably over the years.

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That is also another reason to continually stay updated and refreshed on CPR and first aid practices. The good news is that there are often many places that can help with taking a CPR refresher course or first aid classes. If you haven’t taken a CPR refresher course in a while, then it might be time to brush up on those skills, because the truth is, we never know when it will be our turn to step up and what we have been taught to do – and it could just very well save a life.

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